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The Utopian Projects Brand Story

Utopian Projects is an exciting new brand inspired by anything and everything to do with outdoor culture. 

Like many great things, Utopian Projects began as nothing more than a personal creative outlet, a bit of fun to see whether standard outdoor items could be made more aesthetically interesting (which they could, of course). From there, Utopian Projects evolved into a fully fledged brand.

Here at Urban Industry, we love to see new brands enter the fore like this, and what caught our eye the most was their range of caps. Utopian Projects caps are all about varied textures and striking colourways, making use of all kinds of fabrics.

The Recon Cap is one of the brand’s newest “projects”, an amalgamation of previous caps they’ve produced, bringing all the best elements into one. Spot-on for rural hikes and urban walks alike.

The Recon Breezer Cap is the same silhouette, but with performance mesh panels on the side for greater ventilation. Ideal for running, casual cycling or for more demanding hikes.

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