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The Wild Things Brand Story

Wild Things is one of the those brands where it feels like a rare find. With a rich and long history, a really interesting background and experience in making items that really need to be fit for purpose.

Mountaineers Marie Meunier and John Bouchard founder Wild Things back in 1981 with one simple aim to produce very tough yet lightweight clothing and gear to be able to withstand their expeditions.  The pair quickly made a name for themselves around New Hampshire with inventive and pioneering designs. They developed the first usable High-altitude one piece suit to some acclaim.

Their brand motto of ‘Lightest is rightest’ sang out on their catalogs, that ethos ran through all the Wild Thing Jackets, Pants and gear that they made. With their dedication to making uncompromising lightweight outdoor gear, in the early 2000’s the brand gained the interest of the US Special Forces and they were tasked with developing a new system of cold weather gear. The ‘ECWCS’ Parka (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) was produced and the ultimate extreme cold outerwear solution came into existence. 

Cut forward to today and the brand is at home in Japan and they are still producing time honoured pieces including the Monster Parka and the Happy Jacket both ready to perform at the highest sub artic conditions. For the modern user the Wild Things brand has broadened out its range into more city friendly pieces as well as covering off the extreme in the outdoors.

Here at Urban Industry we’ll be stocking many key pieces from the Denali Shirt, BOU Shirt to the Field Cargo Pant, plus a range of their classic t-shirts and hats.

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