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The Danner Boots Brand Story

Like many all-American classics, Danner Hiking boots have become renowned and sought-after the world over. The reason?

Their rugged aesthetic and exceptional build-quality. That’s what made them popular back at the very beginning – in Depression-era USA, when there was huge demand for sturdy yet affordable work boots – and it’s what makes their products popular now, almost 90 years later. 

Crucially, Danner is not the sort of brand to stand still and rely on heritage appeal. It’s about innovating and moving forward with the times. Check out our Danner Boots project with Outdoor influencer L.Holl here. 

So, although the Bull Run work boots are enduringly popular, and the same goes for the classic-looking hiking boots such as the Mountain Light, new designs are always coming through.

The Danner Trail 2650 (both the 3” shoe and the higher 4” boot) is the perfect embodiment of modern-day Danner: built for purpose, with carefully chosen materials, and visually an instant classic. That’s why we’ve got such a wide range of the 2650 (including the Gore-Tex Japan Imports!).

We also stock the more traditional silhouettes, such as the Mountain Light, the Jag (in low and in high), plus modern classics like the Explorer 650, the South Rim 600, etc.

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