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The KAVU Brand Story

Commercial fisherman Barry Barr created the KAVU brand in Seattle in 1993, when he began selling the now iconic Strapcap out of his car, before ditching the fishing trade to devote his full attention to his fledgling company. 27 years later and counting, KAVU is a worldwide brand whose products are instantly recognisable among certain portions of the outdoor community.

The brand’s name comes from the aviation meteorology term “clear above visibility unlimited”, used to describe a clear and cloudless sky — i.e. ideal conditions for flying, or doing just about any activity in the great outdoors.

Along with the iconic laidback aesthetic, one of the reasons we love KAVU here at Urban Industry is because it is committed to sustainability, making the effort to abide by the three Rs: reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible in the company’s retail spaces and offices alike. In the words of KAVU themselves: “Starting in 2013 we have been working hard behind the scenes implementing sustainable process in all our sourcing, manufacturing, packaging, office, culture, warehousing and distribution”.

We stock a large selection of brand-new KAVU products, from modern classics such as the aforementioned Strapcap/Strapvisor and the Spectator Hip Pack, to practical, graphic-branded basics such as the Klear T-Shirt, the Buzznard T-Shirt, hoodies and sweats.

You can also read our journal interview with Kavu founder, Barry Barr here.

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