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The OBEY Clothing Brand Story

OBEY has been a key player in the global streetwear game for almost 20 year now, since its clothing line was launched in 2001 by renowned street artist Shepard Fairey (designer of the Obama ‘Hope’ poster). 

That’s why we’ve stocked it since 2005 here at Urban Industry: because it always has its finger on the pulse, and it never stands still. What can we say? This brand is a big deal for us. So much so that we hosted a UK exclusive of the Obey Giant documentary back in 2018.

The brand’s roots come directly from counterculture: OBEY started out as a street art campaign way back in 1989 (titled “Andre the Giant Has a Posse”) when Fairey was still at the Rhode Island School of Design. He had no intention of turning this initial vision into a clothing brand – it just evolved that way naturally. Fairey describes the campaign as “an experiment in phenomenology” – and it certainly proved successful, with the US skate community adopting Andre stickers and plastering them all over the country.

12 years into the OBEY phenomenon, Fairey began to spread his iconography through clothing – which he saw as yet another medium. And the rest is history, to put it simply. It’s the kind of brand you’ll spot anywhere and everywhere, in places where you least expect.

We consistently stock a wide range of OBEY clothing and accessories, focusing on t-shirts (short-sleeve and long-sleeve) and jackets but we also get in plenty of other essentials such as hoodies, trousers, hats, sports socks and even the occasional bag.

If you have any questions about any OBEY products, whether it’s their availability, sizing, colourways or anything else, hit us up on live chat or send us an email. We’ll be happy to assist!