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The PFC Free - Perfluorocarbon Free Brand Story

As part of our moves to stock responsibly produced clothing and accessories we can’t ignore the use of PFC’s (PerfluorinatedCarbons) in an d on some of our more technical products.

Commonly used in durable water repellent (DWR) treatments, fluorocarbons are highly effective at repelling water and dirt. Properties that explain why many brands have grown so reliant upon them.  You will have seen them working whenever water beads off a water proof jacket and runs off without making the garment wet underneath.

In the wake of data showing the harmful impacts certain fluorocarbons—namely those identified by acronyms such as PFAS, PFC, and PFCec— have on the environment, wildlife and humans, many outdoor brands have been endeavouring to phase them out. While much of the widespread evidence doesn’t show any conclusive proof that wearing an item using PFC’s will cause harm to its users, steps must be taken to reduce then out of the environment as much as possible.

We presently stock a number of brands including Haglofs, Houdini, Fjallraven, Patagonia & Klattermusen who have already moved many of their jackets away from DWR coatings. Look out for our PFC free icon on each product that avoids using them.