Mystery Ranch  –  Bozeman, Montana. USA. Est. 2000

Brand Story

Mystery Ranch has been in our sights for some time and I’ve actually had a bit of a thing for this brand for a while now. For a few years you could only buy the bags via Japan or eBay here in the UK. Today we now stock Mystery Ranch Bags & Backpacks at Urban Industry and bring you the excellent build quality that they brand signifies.

Mystery Ranch describe their back packs as being ‘Built for the Mission’ and their durability, comfort and functionality are key indicators. Mystery Ranch has been creating high-quality back packs and load carriage systems for the military, wildland fire and mountaineering customers for 20 years out in the US.

We’re stocking a collection of bags including their Urban Assault pack, which despite the name harking back to its military uses, it’s actually very well designed for streets in peace time too! Their ‘3-Way’ designs across a few of the styles is ingenious and a great design plus.