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The Mystery Ranch Brand Story

Mystery Ranch is a backpack and luggage brand totally focused on utility. In other words, every product they make is made to serve a purpose, and no feature is there just to look good – although the brand clearly nails the aesthetics as well.

Since starting out in Montana in 2000, Mystery Ranch has produced packs (or, as the brand calls them, “load-carriage systems”) for the military and rescue services, as well as for more general outdoor use, including hunting and hiking. As the slogan says, their products are “Built for the Mission”, whatever your mission happens to be. 

As you can tell just by looking at some high-res photos of the products, Mystery Ranch’s build-quality is exceptional and it’s all in the details (e.g. tear-resistant CORDURA fabric, robust YKK zippers and so on). Put simply: if it’s good enough for the Navy SEALs, you can be pretty sure it’s good enough for you!

As is the case with many purpose-built products and brands, it doesn’t take long for them to become sought-after among the general population. The Urban Assault backpack, for instance, is ideal for office workers as well as intrepid explorers; its clean exterior design looks perfectly at home on the commute, while under the hood it has interior storage compartments that you’d expect from a military-grade product.

We also have the ingenious In and Out backpack, which performs as a robust all-day pack yet somehow manages to fold into an extremely compact little bundle when not in use. And then the Hip Monkey bum-bag (as we call them here in the UK) is ideal for light hikes, city breaks, festivals and plenty of other walk-intensive activities.

Take a look at our full selection of Mystery Ranch products and colourways and please do get in touch if you have any questions at all – we’re happy to help!