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The Service Works Brand Story

Service Works, as the name suggests, is a brand dedicated to all things workwear. Crucially, it is workwear that you genuinely would want to wear for work, because it pays particular attention to comfort as well as ticking all of the essential durability boxes. In fact, it’s workwear that you’d happily wear before, during and after work.

The brand’s founder, having been born into a family-run hospitality business, worked in kitchens from a young age and found himself wearing his chef pants outside of work – specifically for skating during his free time. Given the trousers’ roominess combined with robustness, those kitchen trousers were ideal for their second purpose, and an idea was born. Why not create a range of workwear that is equally suitable for leisure time?

Since Service Works was established in 2020, the Classic Chef Pants have earned the brand a reputation for quality, from service pros and civilians alike. Conforming to the classic chef-pant shape while using heavier fabrics, they’re built to withstand whatever your day-to-day involves.

One of the USPs for us here at Urban Industry is the brand’s sense of social responsibility. Working selectively with manufacturing partners in Pakistan, Service Works ensures that the talented garment workers receive staff wellbeing perks and health benefits.

Browse our full Service Works clothing range, including the famous Classic Chef Pants to a broad selection of work jackets, comfy hoodies and trusty tees.

The Chef Pants have elasticated waists, so sizing should be straightforward enough for you, but do feel free to get in touch on live chat or email if you need some sizing advice.