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The Chaco Brand Story

Founded in 1989 by Mark Paigen – a keen fly fisherman and white-water rafting guide from Colorado – Chaco is an authentic outdoor brand that started out organically and pretty much by accident... 

Paigen simply wanted some durable work sandals that would dry quickly in the sun while he did his thing. So he designed and made his own pair. During a rafting trip shortly thereafter, a client saw them and asked for a pair himself. And you can guess where it went from there.

Now, more than 30 years later, Chaco is one of the most respected names in the outdoor footwear space – at least, in the US market. That’s why we’re now stocking them here at Urban Industry: to bring them to the UK market. Our spring and summer climate might not be as reliable as Colorado’s, but there’s still plenty of fair-weather days each year here in Blighty. Plus, with more people working from home now and needing comfortable indoor footwear...  You know it makes sense.

But let’s be clear: Chaco sandals are the real deal when it comes to technical outdoor performance. They’ll be your go-to for summer walks and hikes, days on the beach and more.

The Z/Classic and the Z/Cloud both have a classic American vibe about them, while the soles are as modern and technical as they come.

If you prefer a more understated look and a more casual sandal, the aptly named Lowdown is probably your best bet, with a flatter, subtler sole and a more heritage sort of feel.

Apart from the great quality, we love the Chaco brand because its environmental ethos aligns with our own: they’re committed to the protection of US rivers and riversides (because they’re the reason the brand exists in the first place), and they’ve been vocal in the fight to protect the Bears Ears National Monument (a huge area of natural beauty in Utah).

Take a look at our full range of Chaco footwear, and let us know if you have any queries about sizing or anything else!