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The Red Wing Shoes Brand Story

Red Wing boots are pure Americana, which is why we love them here at Urban Industry. We stock the classic “Moc Toe” design in the 6” height (known as the 875).

Founded in Minnesota in 1905, Red Wing is a brand with real heritage, having supplied US industrial workers with comfortable, rugged footwear for well over a century now. Still made to this day in the USA, Red Wing’s unmistakable boots have proved enduringly popular with factory workers, miners, loggers and just about any trade you can think of. 

Today, they’re worn by more than just tradesmen. Being built to last, all kinds of people now seek out and invest in a pair (or three) of Red Wings – because everyone needs at least one pair of casual, lived-in boots, right?! They go with everything from jeans to chinos to fatigue pants.

Jack Nicholson famously wore a pair of brown Moc Toes in the 1975 film One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, accompanied by faded blue 501s, a chambray shirt, a dark-brown flight jacket and a black watch cap. Find us a better on-screen outfit…

Like all true classics, Red Wings stay relevant as fashions come and go, regardless of trouser-widths, collar-thicknesses, jacket trends and all the rest of it. They looked spot-on in 1975, and they look just as sharp in 2021. 

Once you’ve worn them in and they’ve moulded around your feet (which does really happen), they’ll be your go-to boots for all casual occasions and even some more smart-casual ones!

Take a look at our full selection of Red Wing boots and hit us up if you have any questions before you buy! We recommend going between half a size and a full size down in Red Wings because they do fit pretty big.