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The Edwin Jeans Brand Story

Japanese brand Edwin has been a leader in the premium denim jeans market for decades now, due to its high quality standards and its hugely accommodating range of styles and washes.

As for the brand’s story, it technically began in 1947, when a Japanese merchant imported shipments of vintage denim from the USA and sold them to the Japanese public. But the real story began a few years later, in 1961, when the company manufactured its own jeans for the first time. Through the following decades, they continued to experiment with production and washing techniques, influencing not just Japan’s denim market but the whole world’s.

If you’re shopping for your first pair of high-quality jeans, Edwin is exactly the right brand to be looking at. 

They cater for every desired fit: straight (Nashville and ED-47); loose (ED-39 and ED-45); regular tapered (ED-55); slim (ED-80 and ED-85); and then a few fits that are in between. Genuinely, every silhouette you can imagine.

And of course, there are also plenty of washes and weights to choose from too: from 14oz rigid indigo denim (that classic shrink-to-fit style), to modern stretchy denim in washed-out blues, blacks and greys. 

Whether you’re bothered about selvedge or not, whether you prefer a classic indigo or a pre-faded wash, whether you’re going for a classic American workwear vibe or a skate look, Edwin will sort you out. 

As there are so many different Edwin cuts and corresponding style-numbers, we’ve put together an Edwin Jeans Fit Guide to help you distinguish between the choices and find the right one for you.

If you have any further questions before you buy, give us a shout on live chat or send us an email with your query. We’ll help you!