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The Good Measure Brand Story

Introducing Good Measure, the result of passion for high-quality, limited run clothing without compromise. Join us in their mission to elevate everyday items into premium pieces.

Inspired by American Vintage sweats, their first piece, the M-21 Heavyweight Crew Neck Sweatshirt is an old school style sweatshirt made in the UK with top-notch materials and quality construction.

Expertly crafted in the UK, the Good Measure collection pays homage to the north west of England's history as a cotton industry hub. Produced domestically, they support UK manufacturing and are built to last. 

Limited by their own mill and factory's material and construction capabilities, the collection offers a sense of exclusivity and are produced on demand, focusing on sustainability and breaking away from traditional seasonal releases.

Take a look at Good Measure's latest limited edition up-cycling collaboration with Greater Goods including the 'Lake' T-Shirt and 'Garden' 1L Nalgene bottle.