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" Is Urban Industry Legit? "

When you type in “Is Urban Industry…” into a Google search bar this is what pre-fills as a potential search term. It’s obviously what a lot of first time customers ask the internet and it really surprises us each and every time.  Of course we’re a legitimate store, we’ve been running since 2002! How do you not know about us?! 😀

To be fair to our potential new customers, they don’t know us from Adam. The internet is full of scammers and made up shops that will willingly take your money and not send you the goods so it makes sense to find out more about Urban Industry before you press the buy button.  Let's face it, there’s plenty of ‘legitimate’ stores that will take your money, take ages sending the goods out, not answer enquiries and leave you hanging with bad service all the way through a torturous encounter. 

As an independent we still manage and control our own warehouse, store and customer service functions. We act fast in shipping and returns, we respond to any issues as fast as we humanly can. We stand by our TrustPilot reviews which we hope show you many customers already use us for the their one stop shop for their clothing, footwear and accessories.

We hope you find the answer to the ‘legit’ question here and this gives you the confidence to try us out if you’ve never heard of us before.

Daniel King - Owner, Urban Industry

Who owns Urban Industry?

My name is Daniel King and I started Urban Industry from scratch in 2002. After being made redundant from my previous job I decided to take the plunge and open a small clothing store here in Eastbourne. Over 20 years later I still run this proudly independent business. Previous to owning the store I’d run a clothing brand called Dirtyhabit through college and university. The brand was aimed at BMX and MTB Bike riders and gave me the taste of running a small business. The clothing industry obviously stuck with me and opening a branded clothing store seemed like the right direction to take. Over 20 years later I’m still here enjoying every day with a great team beside me making sure we offer great products and a fantastic service  to our customers.

Does Urban Industry sell 'Real' Clothes?

This is another regular google asked question and I guess is related closely to is Urban Industry Legit? New customers won’t know about our long history and rightfully have questions about product authenticity. I can guarantee we don’t sell anything grey imported or fake. For over 20 years we’ve only ever dealt with the brands directly or their authorised distributor/agents here in the UK.  Urban Industry - Store, offices and warehouse, Eastbourne, UK

We are Urban Industry, an independently owned streetwear store based on the South Coast of the UK in the town of Eastbourne, East Sussex.

With the store established in 2002 we developed our first website and launched it in the May of 2003 ever since then we've been building to make both businesses some of the strongest in the UK and the world. We are now in our fourth and largest ever store and warehouse. We carry over 3500 different products including almost 500 shoes, 600 t-shirts and 150 jackets.

We stock products from over 90 worldwide brands and try to stock the newest talent from the UK too. Our shop in Eastbourne is open 5 days a week and we ship worldwide daily. Welcome to Urban Industry.