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The Uskees Brand Story

Uskees is a British brand based Manchester and truly aims to do a few things right. Simply, authentically and consciously.

It’s a perfect, utilitarian work wear approach for their well executed work shirts / jackets. Dare we use the term Shacket? A modern twist on the classic workwear jacket.

Uskees don't churn out clothes for them to head straight to the landfill after a few months or wear, the brand ethos is to think in terms of decades not seasons. Each Button Work Shirt, Single Pocket Work Shirt and work apron comes with its own tote bag for shopping trips and the like, the jackets also come with a sowing kit so you can make any small repairs to the chore jacket over its hopefully long life. The brand offers a lifetime of free repairs on the bigger repairs.

Have a look over this superb yet simple collection from Uskees.