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The Haeckels Brand Story

Haeckels is a British skincare, apothecary and lifestyle brand. The brand was founded in 2012 when Founder, Dom Bridges decided to create a range of bathing products using pure seaweed extracts from the Margate coastline.

Dom was fascinated with natural ingredients, and he wanted to make a product that was pure and authentic. As an example, he looked to seaweed as an ingredient that could be used in face masks and body products. He also wanted to involve local people in the process of harvesting seaweed and getting them interested in marine conservation right on the brands doorstep.

Since its inception, the brand has grown rapidly and now employs over 40 staff members on site at its offices, laboratory and factory in Margate, an area that has experienced a profound economic revival in recent years.

We love Haeckels natural skin and body products here at Urban Industry. Their innovative range of candles and perfume which take inspirations from the local Dreamland Park, a grave yard and the the smell of rain on concrete make this brand a super interesting and forward thinking one.

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