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The FrizmWORKS Brand Story

FrizmWORKS is a South Korean brand specialising in modern interpretations of classic military, workwear and heritage outdoor staples.

The brand’s founder, An Jong Hyuk, has said that although the designs are obviously important, wearability is paramount. And that is clear when you look at any FrizmWORKS piece: the cuts are more generous than some similar brands, enabling freer movement and giving a more casual look. You can easily see yourself wearing these pieces day in and day out, for both work and leisure.

The brand has snowballed in popularity over the last five or so years, particularly here in the UK. With its distinctly Asian take on traditionally American clothing, it hits the sweet spot between West and East. The timeless look and feel of FrizmWORKS gear means that each piece is an investment piece: you can come back to it time and again, and it will still look spot-on years later. That’s quite a rare thing these days.

The brand makes expert use of various fabrics, such as high-quality twill cotton, lightweight nylon, heavyweight corduroy and thick jersey, depending on the product and the durability requirements. Given the heavy military influence, earthy colours are the focus throughout the range – again reinforcing that timeless effect.

We stock a wide range of FrizmWORKS clothing, including jackets, overshirts, shirts, sweatshirts, rugby shirts and, of course, trousers.

The brand’s sizing is accurate for UK and other non-Korean markets, but do let us know if you have any questions about the fit of any product – we’ll be happy to offer sizing advice. Just start a live chat with us, or send your query via email (