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The RoToTo Brand Story

RoToTo is a Japanese brand that focuses solely on socks, if you’ll pardon the pun. 

RoToTo’s philosophy of “lifelong consumables” means that these are not just any old socks: their unbeatable quality and construction means they are designed to last for years and decades while remaining comfortable – an unusual proposition in the sock market, and a hard one to actually pull of, which is why we love them here at Urban Industry.

What’s so special about them? 

Well, for starters, they’re made using vintage industrial knitting machinery that was imported into Japan from the USA more than 100 years ago. In those days, people needed socks to genuinely last – so if the equipment was good enough for the early 1900s, it’ll more than suffice for today as well.

Next, there’s the fact that every single pair of RoToTo socks is made in the same modest-sized factory, situated in Hiroyu Town, Nara Prefecture. This area is true Japan, right in the heart of the country, and has more World Heritage Sites than any of the country’s other 40-odd prefectures.

To put it simply, RoToTo’s output is artisanal in the true sense of the word. Ideal for treating yourself, and equally suitable for a thoughtful gift.

Another reason why we like this brand is the careful selection of materials: organic cotton, delicate merino wool and the odd recycled fabric.

Click on any of the options below and you’ll see just how much attention to detail goes into the design, which carries right through to each finished pair. They’ve got that classic Americana vibe, with timeless sporty colourways – and unmistakably Japanese finishing. As silly as it sounds, they’re the sort of socks you’ll do a double-take at when you first see them.

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