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The Keen Brand Story

Keen footwear was founded in 2003 in Portland, Oregon by Martin Keen and Rory Fuerst who looked to produce a premium shoe range that offered versatile, fit for purpose and sustainable in production.  Today we’re stocking their super comfortable and functional UNEEK SNK shoe and Sandal, both styles offer ‘Open-Air’ Comfort and feature their ‘unique’ braided cord construction with an elasticated sock fitting at the ankle. The real benefits of the UNEEK range is all day comfort from a fit that moulds to your foot and ventilation to keep the foot cool.

Keen are also a great example of how a brand aimed at getting out into outdoors can also do good things around its production and make sure it has less impact on the environment. Since 2003 keen have donated more that $15m to environmental organisations around the world including partnerships with Leave No Trace, The Conservation Alliance and Forest Park Conservancy. The UNEEK SNK also utilises Recycled PET plastic cord to create the uppers.