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The Incense & Candles Brand Story

In today's fast-paced world, many are rediscovering the serenity of incense burning. Maybe it's the calming effect, or the trend sparked by streetwear giants like Supreme and Stussy. Whatever the reason, incense is a powerful way to enhance your living or work environment.

Committed to products that resonate with modern life, we offer premium incense from the renowned Japanese brand, Kuumba. But the experience doesn't end there. Browse our selection of Kuumba's stylish incense burners and tray holders for a complete and effortless way to elevate your space.

Our curated collection of candles and incense goes beyond the ordinary. Immerse yourself in the artistry of Earl of East. This London-based brand handcrafts both premium incense sticks and artisanal candles.

And for those seeking a touch of nature indoors, Good & Well offers sustainably and ethically sourced candles and incense that capture the wild, pristine scents of America's National Parks.

Browse our extensive range of Incense & Candles online, or visit the Depot to experience the full fragrance selection first-hand.