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The Museum of Peace and Quiet Brand Story

Museum of Peace and Quiet: A Sanctuary of Simplicity in a Noisy World

Museum of Peace & Quiet (MoPQ) isn't your typical museum. It's a contemporary concept brand that goes beyond the walls of a physical exhibition space. Founded in 2019 by Christion Lennon, MoPQ curates a lifestyle experience centred around achieving a "clear state-of-mind." They do this through a unique blend of minimalist design, functional apparel, and collaborative projects.

More Than Just Retail: The MoPQ Philosophy

MoPQ operates under the belief that a peaceful mind is the foundation for a meaningful life. In a world saturated with noise and distraction, they offer a counterpoint space to slow down, appreciate simplicity, and focus on what truly matters. This philosophy is evident in everything they do, from the curated selection of everyday objects in their shop to their collaborations with artists and designers who share their vision.

The MoPQ Collection: Objects for Intentional Living

The Museum of Peace and Quiet store in California is a haven for those seeking well-crafted pieces that promote mindfulness and functionality. Here at Urban Industry we stock a collection featuring a range of carefully selected items, including:

  • Simple and stylish apparel: Think high-quality t-shirts, sweatpants, and hats made from premium materials and designed for everyday comfort.
  • Mindful accessories: From sleek porcelain ashtrays to luxurious silk bandanas. MoPQ's accessories add a touch of considered elegance to daily routines.
  • Functional homeware: Their collection includes beautiful and practical items like the "Quiet Thoughts" leather notebook, perfect for capturing thoughts and ideas.