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The Manastash Brand Story

Manastash is an outdoor brand based in Tokyo, Japan, known equally for its eye-catching designs and its focus on sustainability.

The brand was established by Robert Jungmaven in 1993, in the rainy Pacific Northwest region of the USA (Seattle to be precise). It started out with that distinct American outdoor vibe, which it retains to this day but with added Japanese flair. 

Today’s Manastash output is functional and clean in its design, but with interesting textures, bold colour choices and refreshing patterns that add something different. You can rely on the performance of each garment, from the windproof quality of the bonded fleeces to the slight stretch of the climbing trousers. 

A lot of the beauty lies in the small details too, like utilitarian oversized pockets, contrast piping, fabric zip tabs and subtle logo patches. Every Manastash piece is a conversation-starter, whether it’s a huge jacket or a graphic t-shirt.

And running through all of the above is a forward-thinking approach to sustainability, which is important to us here at Urban Industry. We like to champion brands that take a responsible approach to materials and production. Manastash uses a variety of fabrics such as polyester, hemp and organic cotton, with a view to reducing its environmental impact.

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