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The HERESY Brand Story

Driven by a fascination for research and exploration of Folklore, HERESY have been creating unique graphic tees since day one. They're not just another t-shirt brand though, that unique vision and style has grown to become something bigger than just clothing, they make handmade art projects, produce events, program music events and so much more.

Since their creation in 2012 they have been operating in an ethically concious manner, never using this as their primary brand story, that story is and always will be their connection with Folklore, but rather as the fundamental framework that underpins their business is fair and ethical.

Not only are they are a brand that refuse to rely on ready-made blank t-shirts, instead opting to fine tune their own custom-made tees, perfecting the shape and the fit. The factories they work with are all carefully selected, from Portugese textile experts to small team English factories working on more technical garments they are all leaders in their fields and all of this combined is exactly what sets HERESY apart.