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The New Balance Brand Story

Being one of the world’s most influential and innovative trainer brands, New Balance is a perfect fit for us here at Urban Industry.

Since the company’s inception in 1906, when it specialised not in running shoes but in arch supports, NB has developed cutting-edge products that improve footwear comfort and support.

But like all great brands, New Balance knows that rich history doesn’t count for much if you’re not constantly moving forward. In recent years, the brand’s top-quality Made in USA and Made in UK lines have become sought-after the world over, which is what we focus on with our stock. 

Each season, we bring you many of the brand’s most iconic designs, such as the 990 (as the ad says, “Worn by supermodels in London and dads in Ohio...”), the similar 991 and 992 silhouettes, as well as more vintage-looking styles such as the 577, the 670 and the 1500.

Of course, in addition to stocking the bonafide classics in trusty colourways, we stay on the lookout for the intriguing variations and bold new designs that New Balance does so well year after year, encompassing both streetwear and high fashion including the new 327 shoe.

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