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The Anonymous Ism Brand Story

Established in 2002, Anonymous Ism brings a unique perspective to sock design. After years honing their craft creating socks for other brands, they launched their own line, quickly gaining recognition for their iconic styles and modern classics.

The Anonymous Ism design team draws inspiration from a wide range of sources. Marine, military, and workwear influences are seamlessly blended with historical Japanese art, traditional clothing, and even ancient military disciplines. This diverse pool of references ensures a constant stream of new and exciting designs.

The brand's initial collections used slow, unreliable 1970s knitting machines to craft intricate designs and textures. Though rare and increasingly difficult to maintain, the spirit of these machines lives on. Modern alternatives have been developed that replicate the feel of the old looms, ensuring the brand's signature aesthetic continues.

Anonymous Ism prioritises both quality and sustainability. Their commitment to innovation means their collections constantly evolve with the use of more organic yarns, recycled cottons, and paper yarns.

Today, Anonymous Ism socks are available in 20 countries worldwide. Their unwavering dedication to creativity and meticulous attention to detail continue to solidify their position as a global leader in sock design and quality.