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The Nanga Brand Story

Nanga is a Japanese outdoor brand that was established more than 80 years ago, in 1941, at the foot of Mount Ibuki in Shiga Prefecture. 

Named after Nanga Parbat – a Himalayan mountain that stands 8,000 metres tall – it was always going to be an ambitious and serious brand.

Catering for the full spectrum of outdoor clothing and equipment, Nanga is best known for its expertise in down-filled items, namely jackets and sleeping bags. As with all genuine outdoor brands, function is the focus, but, in true Japanese style, the form is spot-on too.

To this day, every single Nanga product is still made in Japan, and as the brand itself says: “not making any compromises”.

That’s why the brand is a perfect fit for us here at Urban Industry: it’s distinctive and high-quality stuff, and you don’t see it everywhere. Every Nanga piece is a conversation-starter, whether it’s the Takibi Down Jacket, or its sibling the Takibi Mountain Parka, or even something as simple and utilitarian as the Pocketable Ecobag.

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