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The SUBU Brand Story

SUBU is a footwear brand hailing from Tokyo, Japan, specialising in one type of footwear: “Winter Sandals”.

What exactly are winter sandals? They’re essentially the “sleeping-bags for your feet”-type slippers that we’ve all come to love over the last few years, but with a much more durable outsole. SUBU soles have a four-layer design, with the outsoles suitable for rough outdoor surfaces, whether that’s a campsite or a city street. The uppers are made of hardwearing, Teflon-coated fabric – making them water-resistant – while the inside is plush and hug-like.

Whether you actually wear them outdoors or you keep them strictly for cosy indoor use, they’ll more than perform their primary function of keeping your feet warm and comfy. The slip-on design makes them an ideal choice for errands and strolls alike; and in this new era of more people working from home, you couldn’t ask for a better WFH shoe option. 

Browse our range of SUBU slippers including the Nannen Winter Sandals, the standard Winter Sandals and more. If you intend to use them for camping, we suggest going for the Nannen, because their uppers are specifically made from a flame-retardant fabric, and will therefore be fine around a campfire.

SUBU’s sizing system is pretty straightforward, but if you’re in between sizes and would like a bit of advice, do get in touch via live chat or email and we’ll help you out.