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The Rumpl Brand Story

The Rumpl brand was born during a surfing and skiing trip in California, circa 2012, while the two founders were camping overnight in the back of their van. 

Basking in the warmth of their sleeping bags despite the subzero temperatures, they asked a simple question along the lines of, “Why aren’t blankets made of this material? Isn’t it about time that the blanket evolved?” 

Once back home in his San Francisco apartment, with that thought still in his mind, co-founder and CEO Wylie Robinson got to work on the first Rumpl prototype, using a borrowed sewing machine. After testing this “sleeping bag blanket” out for a while, the two founders decided to share their creation with the world. After a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and several years of hard work, the bright idea became a global brand and a certified B Corporation, boasting a wide range of highly technical products.

Retaining that self-starter spirit, Rumpl’s motto is “Blankets for Everywhere”, because they’re packable and they perform in any scenario. With a DWR finish to make it water-resistant and stain-resistant, and ingenious clips so that you can wear it as a cape, it might well become an extension of your body. The designs vary from understated to vibrant, so everyone is catered for.

The brand revised its core line back in 2019, so that the blankets are now constructed of 100% post-consumer recycled materials – which is a big selling point for us here at Urban Industry. Rumpl attained its certified B corp status in March 2021 – another big tick in the box for us.

Browse our full range of Rumpl blankets, including the Original Puffy Blanket in various colourways, as well as the NanoLoft Puffy Blanket, the latter being even more insulated and even more packable than the trusty Original (the NanoLoft is about the size of a 1-litre Nalgene bottle when packed).

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