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The Poler Brand Story

Bridging the gap between classic outdoor gear and laidback sportswear, Poler is an ideal brand for those who divide their time between the country and the city (or town). 

Founded in 2010 in Portland, Oregon – one of the most forward-thinking cities in the USA – it should come as no surprise that Poler’s output is distinctive in the outdoor space. As the brand themselves say, it’s all about #CampVibes, with emphasis on the vibes part.

Their hoodies and T-shirt designs are ideal for both demanding hikes and cosy campfire huddles, with comfy, functional fits and well-judged graphic elements. The same goes for their hats and other accessories.

And then there’s Poler’s equipment range. The 2+ Person Tent is an ingenious piece of kit, with a single-pole design that makes assembly a piece of cake. Moving on to the Napsack, we have an open-bottomed sleeping bag, with a cinch at the bottom and zip fastenings at the sleeves, so you can use it as a huge, full-length down jacket when that takes your fancy.

Everything the brand makes, from the camping stuff to the clothing, is head-turning and conversation-starting. It’s not just another tent, or another sleeping bag, or another sweatshirt.

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