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The OBEY T-Shirts Brand Story

OBEY T-Shirts are more than just clothing; they're statements. We stock a wide range of their designs here at Urban Industry, ensuring you find the perfect tee that speaks to you.

OBEY pushes the boundaries with fresh, seasonal graphic prints that are constantly evolving. Whether you're drawn to edgy pop-culture references, playful commercial influences, or thought-provoking messages, OBEY's designs have something for everyone.

The brand's spirit is deeply embedded in the DIY ethos of punk rock and skateboarding. This rebellious spirit translates into bold designs that challenge the status quo and spark conversation.

OBEY was born from the artistic vision of Shepard Fairey, a renowned street artist and graphic designer. His iconic work continues to influence OBEY's designs, ensuring each tee is a piece of artistic expression.

With a wide variety of OBEY T-Shirts to choose from, finding your perfect style is easy at Urban Industry. Shop the rest of our OBEY Collection today.