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The Gramicci Brand Story

Founded in the early 80s by Yosemite climber Mike Graham, Gramicci has decades of experience and expertise in enabling performance while also providing comfort.

But it’s not just function that Gramicci strives for. The form is there too, in abundance, which is why the brand’s hugely popular trousers and shorts are worn across the globe by all kinds of people – some of whom are active outdoor-types, while many others aren’t.

When it comes to outdoor brands infiltrating urban environments and influencing streetwear trends, Gramicci has done it organically. Citydwellers wear it because it’s durable and comfy, simple as.

Importantly, this is a brand that continues to innovate, constantly experimenting with fabrics, functions and features to bring us new products that are actually relevant and called-for.

We have a wide selection of Gramicci clothing and accessories, including the hugely popular NN Pants, G Pants and G Shorts in various colours. If you’re after bags or space-saving packable products, we can sort you out.

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