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Gramicci Pants Guide 2023

Jan 30, 2023

Gramicci’s range of outdoor trousers is one of very few that strikes the delicate balance between genuine utility and street-friendly style.

Gramicci Pants at Urban Industry

Founded as a climbing brand, which it remains to this day, Gramicci has always focused on providing comfort for the wearer – so all Gramicci trousers give you that wonderful freedom of movement.

However, the brand now has a pretty broad selection of fits and cuts, some loose and some a bit more tailored. They all look pretty similar when folded up, but vastly different once on your legs! So to help you choose the right style first time, we’ve put together this style guide for you.

Gramicci Pants at Urban Industry

‘US or Asia’ Sizing? Which One to go with?

We currently list all of our Gramicci products with their US size and their Asia Size, this is how all Gramicci Pants are labeled with the sown in woven label and on the cardboard swing tag.

We'd recommend that if you usually buy a size Large in the UK then buy a US M / Asia L. 

We find that the Asia Size is a truer representation of classic UK waist sizing.

So to be specific, 

US XS / Asia S = UK Small

US S / Asia M = UK Medium

US M / Asia L = UK Large

US L / Asia XL = UK X-Large

It is confusing, so if you’re unsure, drop us an email or speak to us on live chat and we’ll make sure you get the right size!

Now for the comparisons of the different fits...

Original G Pant (AKA Classic)

Gramicci Fit Guide at Urban Industry

As the name suggests, this is the brand’s go-to style. Think of it as the straight fit that you can’t go wrong with.

It is to Gramicci what the 501 is to Levi’s.

The hem on a size M is 8”, so these ones won’t have an especially tapered look. Perfect if you’re wearing boots or bulkier trainers and you want them to sit naturally over the top – or you can roll them up, of course.

Loose Tapered PantGramicci Fit Guide at Urban Industry

As you’ll have noticed by now, the style-names pretty much speak for themselves! 

However, do note that the Loose Tapered is not slimmer on the lower leg than the Original G – the hem measurement on the Loose Tapered is even slightly wider in some sizes.

It’s also designed to have an ‘ankle’ fit, showing off plenty of sock and shoe.

The Loose Tapered is what you want to go for if you prefer a roomier upper portion, around the thighs and the butt, while keeping the lower leg area nice and fitted.

Just Cut NN PantGramicci Fit Guide at Urban Industry

What’s the difference between this style and the regular NN?

Length, that’s all.

The ‘Just Cut’ is the short-leg version, coming in around three inches shorter on the inseam. For example, in a size S, the Just Cut NN’s inseam measures at 29.5” (75cm), whereas the regular NN’s inseam is 32.3” (82cm) in size M.

Gramicci Fit Guide at Urban Industry

Browse Our Range of Gramicci Pants

Know which style you’re going for? Check out our full selection of Gramicci Pants… And remember, we’re using the Asian sizing system for a UK fit.

All styles have been listed with the size guides so you can compare the sizes before purchasing. Check out each product for the individual size guide to get your best fit!