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The DSPTCH Brand Story

DSPTCH is an independent San Franciscan brand that specialises in modern luggage and accessories. With minimalistic yet functional design, DSPTCH’s products have a military look and feel to them while retaining an overall sleek aesthetic, which makes them perfect for travelling and commuting. After all, it’s in the name: to “dispatch” something is to send it quickly and efficiently.

All of DSPTCH’s products are made in the USA, either in San Francisco or Los Angeles, from start to finish. But that – although impressive and commendable – is not why you should buy into the brand. The reason you should invest in DSPTCH products is because they’ll serve their purpose and then some; they’ll last for years and look great for it. The brand’s three core tenets lay that out clearly:

  • “Design products to last a lifetime”

  • “Fewer but better” (i.e. quality over quantity)

  • “Durability is first, functionality a close second”

This is why we love DSPTCH here at Urban Industry: they are values that we can get behind, and the brand genuinely lives and breathes those values.

We stock a huge variety of DSPTCH products, including the popular bags such as the Daypack, the Utility Tote, the Gym/Work Bag, the Bookpack, the Slingpack, the Slim Sling Pouch and plenty more. 

We also stock the Standard Camera Sling Strap – which was the very first product that DSPTCH designed, back in 2010 – and other accessories such as the Camera Wrist Strap, the Watch Strap, the V-Buckle Belt and the Face Covering Mask (the latter of which has proved extremely popular, for obvious reasons!).

The meticulous design and exceptional build quality are obvious as soon as you pick up any DSPTCH product, whether it’s a top-of-the-range backpack or a simple camera strap. And that’s how it should be.

Have a browse of our full DSPTCH selection and get in touch if you have any questions – either on live chat or over email (, whichever you prefer.