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The Adsum Brand Story

A long admirer of Adsum clothing, we’re very pleased to be stocking a curated selection of pieces featuring their premium outdoor and sportswear aesthetic.

Adsum began life in Brooklyn, New York back in 2015 and was created by Pete Macnee. Macnee, then  working for Mark McNairy, began the designs for a new jacket that brought together all the production and manufacturing experience he had gained in New York over the previous years as he tried to blend classic outdoor wear with a sportswear feel. The outcome forged what Adsum would later become, a brand that took its cues directly from the cities and the countryside around the American Northeast.

What does the name Adsum mean?  It’d origins are in classic Latin meaning ‘Here’ or ‘I Am Present’. Macnee liked the way the word looked in branding and its latin meaning was simple and focused, a perfect foundation from which to build a clothing brand on.

Adsum draws upon classic American designs from its outdoorwear jackets, to the simple and clean cut lines of its shirting.  It builds a modern interpretation of traditional menswear staples such as sweatshirts, fleece jackets and t-shirts with a curated blend of technical outdoor and sportswear. The focus is on high quality manufacturing in all aspects of its clothing range every season.

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