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The Good & Well Brand Story

Be good, do good. It’s the Good & Well way, is their motto. An American company inspired by the great national parks including Yosemite, Redwood, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone, we would like to introduce Good and Well to the Urban Industry lifestyle collection.

Ethically sourced from natural ingredients found in the USA, Good and Well ensure that labour practices and standards are met for local farmers, craftsmen and other manufacturers. Their good nature doesn’t stop there, they are also committed to doing their bit to protect the environment by reducing carbon emissions and designing packaging that’s recycled easily.  

Premium essential fragrances and oils using wax made from soybean plants, and wicks from FSC-certified balsa wood are just a few examples of the sustainable ingredients that are used in their candles, incense, air fresheners and skincare products.

We're looking forward to sampling the aromatic scents that Good & Well deliver, and we hope you enjoy the new ranges as much as we do at Urban Industry.