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The Il Bussetto Brand Story

Il Bussetto is renowned for their commitment to traditional Italian craftsmanship, founded in 2004 by Mauro Gobbi in Milan, Italy.

Their signature accessories are crafted using a unique, exclusive Tuscan leather production method that creates a result free of seams, expertly shaped and formed using wooden modes.

Il Bussetto makes every effort to create products that reflect modern design and high-quality craftsmanship perfect for the contemporary lifestyle.

With long lead times and methods that don't lend themselves to mass production, these pieces are ideal for those who value one of a kind designs. Every item is hand-crafted by their skilled craftsmen to ensure each wearer is carrying something special and unique.

Browse our Il Bussetto range of accessories perfect for everyday carry, including the sleek Bifold Wallet and iconic Coin Pouch Tacco.