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The Helinox Brand Story

Helinox is a leading brand in the premium camping chair market, because they’re lightweight, strong and as portable as they come. 

Assembled in a matter of seconds, a Helinox chair gives you hours and hours of comfort.

Their featherweight, packable format means they’re ideal for outdoor pursuits like camping and fishing, and equally so for music festivals, barbecues and basically any other occasion where you need a genuinely comfy chair, whether inside or outside. You’ll be amazed at how glove-like the fit is: totally unlike those budget options that we’ve all tried in the past.

Helinox’s collapsible frames are made from aluminium tubing developed by parent company DAC – a South Korean pioneer of precision aluminium tubing that has become integral to modern tent poles among other products. DAC founded the Helinox brand back in 2009, so they’ve been focusing on the technical outdoor chair (and table) market for more than 12 years now.

When packed down into its case, the ingenious Chair One model measures 35cm x 12cm x 10cm, and it weighs just less than 1kg! In plain English, that means you can easily pop it in a backpack for hikes, or attach it to the outside of your backpack if there isn’t space (there are handy carry-loops on both ends, perfect for securing), or you could even clutch it in your hand. There’s absolutely nothing cumbersome about it.

You can assemble a Helinox chair in seconds, just by taking it out of its case, unfolding the tubing and then securing the four corners of the backing fabric into place. And although it weighs just 0.96kg, it can hold up to 145kg (or 22.8 stone if that makes more sense to you!)

We’re confident that you’ll never look back once you’ve tried one. It’s a firm favourite piece of outdoor equipment here at Urban Industry.

If you have any questions before purchasing your Helinox chair, just give us a shout via live chat or email ( and we’ll help you out.