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The Filson Brand Story

Few brands capture the classic, all-American aesthetic like Filson.

Founded in Seattle in 1897, during the peak of the Klondike Gold Rush, the brand has always been about utility and quality. 47-year-old C.C. Filson was an experienced outfitter who had taken plenty of adventures himself, so when he saw that thousands upon thousands of prospectors were passing through the city on their way up to Alaska, he saw his opportunity to establish a real outfitting business.

Over the next few decades, the company continued to build on that reputation for unbeatable quality – using durable materials such as ‘Tin Cloth’ canvas for luggage and Mackinaw wool for coats and jackets, while ensuring that the designs retained a timeless, traditional look.

Nowadays, Filson products still appeal to intrepid explorers and outdoorsy types, but also to all kinds of other people due to the classic utilitarian look of everything they make. For example, you’ll see their sturdy canvas briefcases in the hands of anglers, business execs and urban workwear enthusiasts alike. As the brand themselves say: “What worked then, still works now.”

Our wide range of Filson products includes those iconic luggage items such as the 24 Hour Tin Briefcase and the Dryden Briefcase, as well as an array of graphic T-shirts, flannel work shirts, short-sleeve shirts, warm fleeces and the occasional jacket. We refresh our inventory each season, so sign up to our newsletter (bottom-left of this page) to stay informed on the latest arrivals.

If you have any questions about present or future stock, sizing or anything else Filson-related, feel free to drop us a message on live chat or send us an email with your query – we’ll be happy to help.

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