Carrier Goods

Brand Story

Born from a strong passion for the outdoors, Carrier Goods was launched in 2020 by two designers and outdoor enthusiasts. 

Their love of exploration of the outdoors led them to design a product line that bring form into function, blurring the lines between street and outdoors with innovation and a disruptive style appealing to both cultures.

Streetwear is ever evolving and with the recent movement of younger outdoor adventurers emerging this blend of styles was inevitable, Carrier Goods break down the barriers of what is defined as streetwear and outdoors.

Utilising technical materials, whether that be stretch nylon, water resistant fabric or breathable rip-stops they create a range of winterised essentials that get you from town to forest and back again. A focus on function and modern design is at the core of everything Carrier Goods produces.

Silhouettes inspired by vintage ski wear with intricate movement details and functional fastenings are paired with the loose Alpine pants. All shapes are gender inclusive, designed to be worn and enjoyed by everyone.

Carrier Goods delve into how younger generations are actually experiencing the outdoors and taking to the streets in the same attire. 

Browse our full range of Carrier Goods clothing below. Each product’s description has all the information you should need but if you have any specific questions before you buy, please get in touch with us via live chat or email ( and we’ll help you out.