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The Carhartt WIP Jackets Brand Story

Carhartt WIP Jackets are a seasonal must for any part of the buying calendar. Here at Urban Industry we make sure we have a good stock of Carhartt WIP jackets in stock at any given time. 

We stock the Carhartt WIP Clothing collection here in the UK and although its takes its lead and heritage from the classic American work wear brand, Carhartt WIP takes a different approach to its jacket design.

Take for instance the Carhartt WIP Michigan Coat, this jacket is a timeless workwear jacket with hasn’t changed much since it was introduced in 1917 as the Carhartt Chore Jacket. This jacket still features organic cotton 12oz 'Dearborn' canvas, is triple stitched and will get better with age as you wear it for a very, very long time. The Michigan Coat will give you many years of service. 

We stock winter and summer versions of the Carhartt Michigan Coat and both serve their purpose and season admirably. 

Another best seller for the colder months is the Carhartt WIP Prentis Liner Fleece Jacket. Since the resurgence of fleece a few years ago the trend isn’t going away as this style of jacket has proved so versatile for outdoors people and city dwellers alike.  The Carhartt WIP Prentis Liner Jacket can definitely hold its own against many of the key Outdoor specialist brands brings Carhartt’s own work wear durability to the mix. 

Don't forget to check the quality, the layering and styling potential of the Carhartt WIP T-Shirts and the Carhartt WIP Pants too.

The beauty of the Carhartt WIP collection is that they bring new and interesting colours, designs and often patterns to lift humble workwear into a new, modern arena. 

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