Price Match

We won't be beaten on price...

Here at Urban Industry we offer great deals all the time but we don't want price to be a reason you shop elsewhere. If you find a UK based store that has the same product at a cheaper price, we’ll match it - even up to 7 days after purchase from us. Make a note of the product, its price, and the competitor you want us to match. We’ll verify these details and match the price there and then.

Call us on 01323 412444 or email, or use the contact form below and we'll try to help you as quickly as we can.

Our Price Match Terms and Conditions,

  • We'll match our competitor’s store or website UK price. 
  • The competitor’s product must be brand new, at full price (not in their sale), identical to ours, and offered on the same terms. 
  • We and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery. 
  • We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock of the specific item. 
  • We’ll match the price of a product; not delivery charges or other services. 
  • We won't match 3rd party auction or marketplace sites like Amazon or Ebay.
  • Cannot be used with any other offer.
  • We will price match up until 7 days after your purchase with us. The 7 days will be measured from the time of purchase to the time the price match is requested.  As usual, the competitor’s price must be verifiable at the time of the matching.  In this post-purchase period, we cannot match our own prices, only those of competitors. 
  • If we price match afer you've bought from us we will give you the difference in Urban Industry store credit on your account. If we price match before you buy from us we will reduce the price on the item for you to purchase.