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Nike ACG

Beaverton, Portland, Oregon, USA. Est. 1989. (Pronounced Ni-Kee) / ACG Means ALL CONDITIONS GEAR.

Nike ACG first appeared in 1981 with the release of a more rugged range of shoes than the ones Nike had been making before. Moving from the streets, courts and runnings tracks to the mountains, Nike's Lava Dome and Magma boots took the Nike Aesthetic and applied it to produce pure outdoor sports performance. Nike ACG became fully fledged as an Outdoor ready sub brand of Nike in 1989 when the concept was formally announced.

Cut forward to today and Nike ACG brings together the colourful, playfulness of Nike Sportswear, its roots in the late 80's, early 90's and the premium quality that means you can take the products out into the back of beyond with confidence.


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