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Fall/Winter 2018


"What is Gramicci? Freedom. That’s us in a word. We pioneered the freedom-of-movement trend in outdoor clothing design and we’ve always sought the freedom of going against the grain. With Gramicci, you put on over 30 years of innovation, experience and industry leadership. Many of the most popular features found in outdoor clothing were developed by Gramicci – our patented gusset crotch, built-in nylon belt, underarm hinge, high-low hem and many more. While others are busy catching up, we continue to create original combinations of fabric weights, weaves and color." 

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Snow Peak's journey began in 1958, when the founder Yukio Yamai, an accomplished mountaineer, created his own line of superior climbing gear out of the discontent for the current gear on the market. Thier birthplace and the founder's heritage is what they look to whenever they sit down at the drawing board and create the next piece of outdoor gear. From 1980 to the present, Snow Peak has been run by Yamai's son, Tohru Yamai who brought the company to national recognition as a brand who inspires people around the world to enjoy the outdoors and find harmony with nature. 

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In 1932 Charles Danner opened his bootmaking business, risking his future on a stubborn belief that, regardless of the economy, superior craftsmanship mattered. While much has changed since the first Danner boot was made, our dedication to crafting a superior product has not. Hold a Danner boot in your hand and you’ll notice the hand crafted precision. Try it on and you’ll feel the difference. Test it against the elements and you’ll appreciate the value of a product that is built to last.

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Spring/Summer 2019


Manastash is an outdoor brand, established in Seattle, USA in the year 1993. Its philosophy is to make the best possible clothing, using sustainable materials, such as hemp or recycled fleeces. The Manastash Highlands which falls down from the great Cascade Range offers a wide range of outdoor sports such as ski, trek, mountain bike, rafting and kayak. Functional, stylish and earth-friendly clothing, based on the free-wheeling lifestyle… Mountains, rivers and roads… Manastash are connected in heart with all those people who continue to chase after their passion in the natural environment. Coming soon to Urban Industry....


Klättermusen is a maker of refined mountaineering equipment. Established in 1975 to combine utility and extreme durability in environmentally considerate designs and materials, Klättermusen supports outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather and unpredictable situations. From frozen Arctic mountains to deep primeval forests, Klättermusen’s pioneering innovations have provided climbers, hikers and expeditions all over the world with maximum safety and comfort for more than 40 years. Our products help you go further, push harder and keep exploring. Rigorously tested in real-world conditions and constructed to last, Klättermusen’s products embody our commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment possible. Coming soon to Urban Industry....


Karhu is a Finnish Sports brand that first started in downtown Helsinki. Karhu - the Finnish word meaning bear. "Karhu's main line of running shoes is based on their "Fulcrum Technology", which has been developed in cooperation with the University Of Jyvaskyla since the 1980s. The line includes several models for both men and women, intended to suit different types of pronation and training, off-road or trail running shoes and racing needs. In 2009, the Karhu Fulcrum Strong model of running shoe was awarded "Best Debut" by Runner's World magazine." Coming soon to Urban Industry....

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