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Urban Industry X The Long Man Brewery 'In the Long Run'

Oct 17, 2022

Celebrations for twenty years of Urban Industry continue, this weekend we launched our collaborative pale ale beer with The Long Man Brewery (who are currently enjoying their tenth year anniversary). With the Long Man Brewery as our hosts, live music, Greek street food, and plenty of beer - the stage was set. 

Urban Industry x The Long Man Brewery 'In the Long Run' Collaboration.

So what is an Urban Industry beer? Well, in teaming up with the Long Man Brewery, we wanted something fresh and forward thinking - a beer of tomorrow (if you’ll excuse the phrase). “Our beer is a refreshing, moreish and thirst quenching blend. A single hop pale brewed using barley and oats to give fuller body and sweetness. Crafted and selected by Long Man’s very own Jack, El Dorado or as they know it ‘El Jacko’ adds flavours of mango, pineapple and watermelon.”

Urban Industry 20th Anniversary Beer Event

The Brewery is located in the heart of Littlington - one of the many fantastic villages in and around East Sussex, and is home to none other than the Long Man itself. Only a stones throw away from the Urban Industry Depot and HQ - we couldn’t have asked for a better venue. We set up our own stand, showcasing highlights of what we do best as well as selling our limited edition beer in a 440ml Can complete with custom artwork - this is where our team of staff based themselves for the day.

Urban Industry x The Long Man Brewery 20th Anniversary collaboration.

Why did we ask Long Man if they would work with us?  Over to Dan, Urban Industry owner to fill in the context…

“I pretty much got into ‘craft ale’ around the same time that Long man was opening its doors. We had a pub in town that was starting to serve up some of these new breed ales, it was the different flavours and diversity of the brews miles away from the bog standard lagers that got my attention.  What I also liked was the super limited runs of some of these beers, you had to be there for the 2 weeks or so that the beer was in stock, after that they vanished and a new brew arrived. It was very much like a quick strike release with the change in flavours, hops used and even design for the can or keg.  Long Man brewery was arriving as all of this was getting going and I followed their progress with a lot of interest especially as they were so local to me. 

Cut forward 10 years and these guys have won so many awards not only for the taste of their beers but also their sustainability stance. All the water used is taken from a bore hole on site, they grow their own barley on the 500 acres around the brewery, they have 100 Solar panels helping to power the brew house and they’re a great employer for the local rural area.  Throwing all of this together, along with the fact that they’re a great bunch of guys to deal with, this collaboration was a dream to work with them on!”

Urban Industry 20th Anniversary Collaboration with The Long Man Brewery.

The success of the event gave us a chance to talk with customers face to face - a breath of fresh air in the ever-growing digital world of today. An exclusive collaboration T-shirt that came with a free beer was a huge hit, sharing the same design as our beer can. An Inverted image from one of our many content gathering treks over the South Downs sits perfectly as a centre print. The blue hues of the design really stand out without being too loud - a great blend that can be styled with technical outdoor-wear pieces from the likes of Arc’teryx while also offering a more defined high end graphic tee look that can be paired with brands like Norse Projects or Universal Works. 

Click this link to shop the Urban Industry online store.

Urban Industry 'In the Long Run' T-shirt

For 20 years now we’ve brought the best service possible to our customers, conforming as an example of how an independently owned store can compete with the giants. Something we know for sure is that in order to succeed, you need perseverance, patience and time, hence the name for our collaborative beer ‘In The Long Run’. 

Urban Industry x The Long Man Brewery 'In the Long Run' Collaboration.

A special thanks to everyone at The Long Man Brewery and to the whole team at Urban Industry who made this event possible.