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The Danner Boots Edit, Featuring Outdoor Influencer L.holl

Mar 13, 2023

Made for adventure, Danner Boots pride themselves on creating footwear for both men and women, that support you in exploring the world outside. Spirit, purpose and craftsmanship are the key principles set to achieve Charles Danner’s precedent - and we can confirm the modern styles live up to this notion. 

Equipping hikers, ramblers, walkers and pioneers since the company began in Portland, Oregon, in 1932, the high quality of Danner Boots is incomparable. To this day they use the best materials to ensure each pair is built to last.

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But what does this mean to an outdoorsman / woman from the UK, looking for a pair of sturdy boots to battle the elements and landscapes. 

Danner Boots with l.holl at Urban Industry

This Spring we teamed up with outdoor influencer @l.Holl aka Louis Hollinson to showcase our favourite styles from this year’s Danner Boots collection. Enthusing young people to get outside and enjoy a variety of natural surroundings, l.holl’s Instagram Page is a hotspot exhibiting original content, inspiring brands and a sense of community. 

We shot this campaign by the Cuckmere River in East Sussex, inside the South Downs National Park where our store sits at the edge of. The diverse terrain featuring oxbow lakes and flood plains has the river at the heart of it as it meanders out to the English Channel.

Danner Boots with l.holl at Urban Industry

The day started with testing out one of our bestsellers, the Danner Trail 2650 Mid 4" GTX Boots in Black Khaki. Similar to the Danner Trail 2650 3" GTX Shoes, and originally designed to complete the Pacific Crest Trail, which is 2,650 miles long - these boots are one of the many examples of Danner’s durability. Gore-Tex on the inside to help keep your feet dry, and a PlyGo midsole to provide excellent cushioning. This style performed well over the wet tree roots and dusty earth, with extra help from the Vibram 460 outsole.

Danner Boots with L.Holl for Urban Industry

Another notable design from the shoot is the Danner Trail 2650 Mesh Shoes in Black Shadow. Created as a lightweight hiker shoe, the mesh and textile upper generates airflow and heat dissipation, allowing your feet to stay cool when ascending hillsides to catch the best views. 

Danner Boots with l.holl at Urban Industry

So we’ve talked about the long-staying styles, now let’s discuss the two new models that caught the eyes of the Urban Industry team from the moment they arrived. Danner introduced the Panorama Mid 6" Boots and the Danner Panorama Low 4" Boots last season. Dependable hiking boots with a sleek and modern design, the added stability from deep lugs and increased level of protection from the Panorama outsole deliver on all-day comfort. 

It’s not just about comfort with these boots, their interesting shape, suede panels and contrasting laces with stand-out eyelets mean you can wear these to the pub and not look like you just descended off the mountain. Both pairs are available in two colourways of the classic Black / Olive and Brown / Red. 

Danner Boots with l.holl at Urban Industry

If you’re wondering how they fit, check out our Danner Fit Guide, where we detail each style and how they size up.

Danner Boots with l.holl at Urban Industry

Needless to say, at Urban Industry we’re proud advocates of Danner Boots and their incredible range of outdoor footwear. Whether you’re looking to explore the rolling hills of the British countryside, or in need of a pair of functional, hard-wearing shoes for everyday activities - then Danner has got you covered.

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