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The Nalgene Brand Story

Nalgene is an all-American brand with a simple but powerful proposition: reusable outdoor water bottles that are robust and planet-friendly.

Many would say they’re the market leader in that space. The 1L (32oz) Wide Mouth bottle is an indisputable modern classic.

Most Nalgene bottles are made from a specially engineered type of plastic called Tritan, which is BPA-free (i.e. safe for food and drink purposes) and recyclable, as well as unbelievably durable.

Here at Urban Industry, we stock Nalgene’s Sustain range. These particular bottles are made from a newer resin that contains 50% recycled plastic – plastic that would otherwise have gone to landfill or the incinerator. With distinct colourways and branding, the Sustain line stands out from the rest of the Nalgene range both visually and in terms of eco credentials.

All Nalgene bottles are made in the USA, not just the assembly but also most of the manufacture of the materials and components. This spans all the way back to the company’s inception in 1949, in New York state, when a chemist called Emanuel Goldberg pioneered plastic pipette jars for use in laboratories. 

Using his wife’s name as inspiration – Natalie Levey Goldberg – he named this new venture the Nalge Company and set out to design more types of labware, including leak-proof bottles. It just so happened that Nalge Company employees were keen hikers, and got into the habit of taking these bottles out on excursions, because they were lightweight as well as leak-proof. You can see how it all grew out from there.

Nowadays, Nalgene water bottles are among the most respected on the market, and the most recognisable.

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