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The Uniform Bridge Brand Story

Uniform Bridge was founded in South Korea in 2015, bringing traditional clothing designs to the modern market, and at a noticeably reasonable price-point. 

Drawing primarily on three aesthetics – classic military, utilitarian workwear and vintage outdoor – their items not only go well with just about anything, but they’re robust as well. In other words, these clothes are made for wearing.

One of the things that brought the brand to everyone’s attention here in the UK was its unbeatable legwear, chiefly the straight-fit Fatigue Pant and the M65 Pant, both of which are based on iconic designs that have been popular outside of the military context since the Vietnam War.

As well as trousers, we stock a variety of the brand’s shirts, which are minimalistic yet distinctive military look and feel. 

And of course, we have plenty of their T-shirts as well, all of which come in a relaxed fit for optimal comfort. That said, pop a shirt over them and they’re an ideal base layer for smarter occasions.

Speaking of layering, this is one of those brands that clearly has layering in mind at all times – something we’re a big fan of here at Urban Industry! From stifling summer to bone-chilling winter, they’ve got every inch of you covered.

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