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Dickies Work Pants Fit Guide (2023) & How to Style Them. 874, 873, 872 Styles

Sep 5, 2022
We get a lot of customers asking for our advice on the Dickies Work Pant and how each style actually fits. With there being numerous variations – 874, 873 and 872 just for starters – and with the brand being American, it can feel a bit like a lucky dip if you’ve not bought that style before.

It’s quite the bummer when you receive a parcel that you’ve been eagerly awaiting, only to find that what you’ve bought doesn’t fit right, isn’t it? Especially right now, we could all do without that kind of thing.

So with that in mind, we’ve put together an all-in-one guide to four key Dickies Work Pant fits:

(Don’t worry: we explain exactly what ‘Original Fit’ means further down, because that official name is pretty vague.)

Just to give you an intro to the general vibe of these trousers, they’re all intended for everyday wear and are designed to be worn hard – after all, they’re work trousers. Made from a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, they can take plenty of action.

As well as a description of each style, we’ve put some accompanying photos and a video of our model walking in them. That should be everything you need to make your choice.  

872 Work Pant: Slim Fit

Dickies Fit Guide Urban Industry

 As you’ve probably guessed, the 872 takes the narrowness of the 873 a step further. The waist and thigh are noticeably more snug on the 872, and the lower leg has a properly tailored look.

The 872 has been an extremely popular fit over the last decade or so, and is still very popular now despite the resurgence of slightly wider trousers. The no-nonsense slim fit will always have a place. If you consider your build to be ‘slight’, the 872 will be spot-on. 

With a few turn-ups, they’ll look great with some boots, but they arguably look best with low-profile trainers like the Reebok Club C, the Vans Slip-On, the Nike SB Bruin, etc. – you get the gist!

Discover the complete range of Dickies 872 in various colours – find your perfect match here.

Dickies Fit Guide Urban Industry

For those who like the classic straight look but with a touch of tailoring, the 873 is ideal. Around the waist and the thighs, it looks and fits the same as the 874 – it’s from the knee down that the 873’s difference is noticeable, with a slightly tapered leg that creates a generally slimmer aesthetic.

This neatness makes the 873 perfect for semi-formal occasions as well as casual wear. Any pair of sneakers from the New Balance 99X series will look on point with them, as will some Clarks Originals or Red Wings. You could even pull them off with a pair of brogues if you ever need to – making them a pretty handy, versatile pair of trousers to have in your wardrobe!

Explore our diverse selection of Dickies 873 – see all available colours and pick your favourite here.

Dickies Fit Guide Urban Industry

The 874 is the ‘classic’ Dickies Work Pant, i.e. the first style that came on the market – hence the name Original Fit.

In most trouser contexts, ‘original’ means straight fit, but that’s not quite accurate enough here. The 874 is mostly straight but has a hint of looseness about it (at least by modern standards) – as is the case with most classic-style workwear. The reason? Because hard work becomes slightly easier when you’re doing it in comfort!

This loose fit is also what attracted the skate community to the 874 all those years ago – and why so many skaters still choose the style to this day.

It’s also a popular choice for those who like a dressed-down Ivy League look to their slacks. An oxford shirt with 874s and Wallabees is a pretty unbeatable look. 

Check out the full range of Dickies 874 in our collection – choose your best look!

Dickies 803 Slim Skinny Work Pant - Now Discontinued.Dickies Fit Guide Urban Industry

Out of all the iterations of the work pant, the Dickies 803 Work Pant sees the style undergo its most drastic rework. Much more of a tailored style, the pants fit below the waist and are slim through to the seat and thighs, with a skinny straight fit on the leg.  It’s crafted from a durable twill work cloth blended with 2% spandex for just the right amount of stretch. This 2-piece work pant waistband prevents them from rolling and the distinctive tunnel belt loops allow for extra belt support. The 803 would work well for a smarter look by adding in a button down shirt or even worn casually with a simple t-shirt.

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