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The Snow Peak Brand Story

Snow Peak is a Japanese outdoor brand that blends the country’s impossibly cool lifestyle aesthetic with classic camping utility. The result? A genuinely unique, distinctive range of head-turning products.

It’s no exaggeration to say that every Snow Peak product is a contender for “design classic” status. From the Titanium Cup and the Titanium Fork & Spoon Set, to the Folding Coffee Drip and the Field Coffee Master, to the Tramezzino Toasted Sandwich Cooker and the Pack & Carry Fireplace, they’re all flawless and totally utilitarian. There are no superfluous details; everything is just right.

They’ve mastered more than just metal hardware, too. They know their fabrics. Each season, the brand unveils a new selection of clothing, including outerwear and insulated mid-layers – with military-inspired designs and purpose-focused fabric choices, from thick wool, to nylon ripstop, to down filling. There’s also a sustainable element to many items, with widespread use of recycled polyester throughout the whole range.

And of course, they also excel in the luggage department, with backpacks such as the 3 Way Business Bag and the 2 Way Tote, plus handle-carry options such as the Type 01 Tote and Type 02 Tote.

All of the above are reasons why we love Snow Peak here at Urban Industry. It’s that combination of design, quality and sustainability that we always look for in the brands we stock. On top of that, Snow Peak is redefining the outdoor product market, and introducing more people to the concept of doing the outdoors in genuine style. That can only be a good thing.

If you’re quite new to the brand, it’s one of those where you’ll buy one piece and then want everything. A spork or a pair of chopsticks might be your way in, and before you know it you’ll be investing in an Amenity Dome tent.

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