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  • Asics Gel Nandi Shoes
  • Asics Gel Nandi Shoes

Asics Gel Nandi Shoes – Sheet Rock/Black

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About Asics Gel Nandi Shoes

The Asics Gel Nandi Shoes are rooted in authenticity, the Gel-Nandi sneaker validates Asics heritage in trail running with its visibly rugged design that was originally made to meet the demands of serious off-road runners.

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, this shoe has been re-engineered with its most recognizable elements, featuring mixed materials on the upper that include a mesh and leather layering, as well as a progressive midsole and tooling system.

A testament to the trails, the Gel-Nandi sneaker resurfaces with its same spirit of off-road adventure, while its traditional function has been defiantly modernized for the urban explorer.

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