Urban Industry X Milltag Pro Cycling Kit Collaboration - UI Fatigue Club

About the collection

Cycling has always been an activity that has wound its way through my life in one way or another. BMX to Mountain Bike, Mountain Bike to Road Bike. Owning a store means you can be creative once in a while and actually make some product and to tie this in with your favourite exercise is a major bonus. We first worked on some cycling specific product a few years ago with one of our favourite US brands, ONLY NY. The top proved to be a hit with many of our customers with the same passion for cycling, the want to do another collaboration has been nagging at me for quite a while since. 

This season, just after the end of another successful Tour De France for Team UK, we launch our new collection with Pro Kit manufacturer Milltag. These guys have produced the finest quality cycle jerserys, bib shorts and accessories for prestigious events like the Tour of Yorkshire and grass roots teams across the country. 

Possibly the greatest road cyclist ever, Eddy Merckx once said "the race is won by the rider who can suffer the most". Cycling at the pro level requires Herculean levels of endurance, stamina and the ability to make the body 'suffer' through long rides often through the high mountains.  As a tribute to this part of cycling and to anyone going through the 'suffer' we've started the Urban Industry Fatigue Club. Whether you're a well seasoned pro at your sport or just trying to shape up, lose a few pounds or go for a personal best we're going to make some fit for purpose clothing and accessories to help you along the way. Our collaboration with Milltag is our first step along the way. - Daniel King, Director, Urban Industry